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GI Resources/ Procedures

Listed here are a few resources that can be useful to help you understand common GI diseases we deal with
and common procedures we perform. We suggest to only look up authoritative sites on your condition and not to browse through unreliable sites due to a large amount of mis-information online.

1. Family Resources - from the National Association of Ped Gastro, Hepatology and Nutrition ( NASPGHAN)
  A comprehensive authoritative website with reliable and evidence based information on your child's disease     condition and procedures performed by pediatric gastroenterologists.

2.  Info for Teens and Kids - Crohn and Colitis Foundation of America
  A nationally recognized website sponsored by the CCF of America that has age specific information for children and teens dealing with Crohn disease and Ulcerative Colitis. This is a great resource for children and adolescents to understand the disease process, medicines used and answers commonly asked quesitons.

3. Kids Korner - Celiac Disease Foundation
  A national awareness website that is recognized for its educational resources for children diagnosed with celiac disease. Offers dietary advice, information on food choices, etc, along with resources for children with celiac disease

4. GERD - www.Gerd.net
 A comprehensive website on the disease, treatment options available for babies to adults.

5. Orlando Crohn's Colitis Support Group
 Link to Orlando's only family run support group for children with Crohn disease and colitis conditions.

6. Exercising for a Healthy Life
    Tips for adolescents and older children to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

A few interactive presentations on some of the common procedures are available to answer questions that you may have.

1. Upper Endoscopy ( EGD)

2. Colonoscopy

3. Barium Enema
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